Singleness, marriage, and motherhood can be hard – especially when you are trying to live for the Lord.


This episode is some real talk about relationships and how grounding in who we are as God’s daughter impacts our relationships with others.

In this episode, you’ll hear sister sharing with a great woman and a good friend of mine, Priscilla Stevens.

Lean in and listen as Prissy shares lessons and nuggets of wisdom from God’s Word and life experiences in her roles and relationships as a single woman, a married woman, and a mother.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • Prissy shares the best advice to her young self. What would you say to a younger you?
  • The value of honoring your current season of life.
  • A simple, but powerful prayer every single woman should pray.
  • Encouragement for hard times in marriage.
  • How to build connection and trust with your children.


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Listen in…

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