This COVID-19 situation is rough. Money problems are rough.

So, when we consider financial issues during this coronavirus pandemic, that’s rough on top of rough.

It’s a challenge – AND – there are graces, resources, and practices that can give some relief during this tough time.

This episode contains 7 helps that may ease coronavirus-related financial burdens. Listen in for information about:

  • Receiving – two possible income sources for those that have lost work
  • Spending – three available graces that can reduce expenditures (one may bring a significant gain)
  • Nutrition – food resources for school-aged children out of school
  • Giving – encouragement about the importance of ‘living open’ – even when things feel closed and tight

This episode contains audio from a video.  If you prefer, you can watch the (19-min) video here.

Y’all, I’ve been broke-itty broke in my life before. And I know how hard it is.

And we know right now some people, because of financial situations, are continuing to go out to work, continuing to put themselves at risk for COVID-19 exposure because they’re trying to keep money coming in their household. They have bills to pay. They have kids to take care of etc.

There are helps.

Some of the helps shared may be reminders, others may be options not yet considered. I’m sharing this information with prayer that the steps and resources can help meet financial needs and ease money-related stresses.

If you don’t personally don’t have financial concerns at this time, praise God and share this information with others. We don’t know what folks are going through.

Too often people have needs, there are often available resources – and there’s an information gap between the two. If we can help to bridge that gap, please, please, let’s do that.

You take care.  God bless, be and stay well physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

God loves you and so do I.

Listen in…

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