Welcome to the Faith Applied Podcast for purpose driven believers who want balance and better in their lives.  Join our conversations on faith, mind/body wellness, purpose and productivity for better living.

This introductory episode gives an overview of our purpose and plan to serve you.

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 1:58          A bit about the host
 4:02         Our Christian wellness organization mission and services
 6:45         Self check questions and the value of introspection
 7:10           What is the status of your body (physical health and wellness)?
 8:38          What’s going on in your mind (mental health and wellness)?
 9:20          How is your soul (intimacy with God and strength in Spirit)?
11:30         Faith Applied podcast aim – to facilitate introspection, investigation, information and support for application
13:13         Faith Applied podcast content – teaching (concepts tips and tools), interviews and on-air coachings

Mentioned in this episode: