“Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference.” ~ Kevin Heath

Kindness calls for people to look out, to reach out, to show care and support for one another. 

This episode of the Faith Applied podcast with Heather Eason explores kindness and the beauty of rising to meet needs.

Heather is the founder of Comeback Coolers, a nonprofit organization that delivers much needed and much deserved breaks to people that are out in rescue or recovery disasters. Comeback Coolers connects people that care with people that need care. The connections endure, and the acts of kindness, multiply and expand. 

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Re the genesis and growth of Comeback Coolers – Heather shares:

Comeback Coolers came out of an experience I had from Hurricane Katrina. I was in the house when the waters came in, and I thought my husband was going to die because the water closed the door to the bedroom and he couldn’t escape. He was pushing, and I was pulling, and I made the decision that I had to save my son. As soon as I took my hands off the door, the entire door casing came down, and we were swept in a wave toward our living room. We made it up the stairs, and when the eye came over us, we fled to my best friend’s house. God saved us, but our marriage did not survive for much longer.  

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For me, Katrina changed my mindset about what was important, and it really upped my desire to be helpful. Suddenly, the material things weren’t near as important. As a former teacher, I also recognize the need for children to get involved in giving and helping so they will turn into adults with the same mindset.  

The blessings my team and I receive from Comeback Coolers are far greater than what seems fair. I’m constantly given new friends, stories of impact, and a whole lot of love. Really, the gifts we give are returned in the form of tremendous love and God shows up in a big way each and every time. 

Key Explorations In This Episode Include:

  • Beauty and bounty can come from loss, and disaster can change life for the better
  • With God’s Hand, little things have a huge impact 
  • Important reminders that everyone has something to give
  • A powerful example of multi-generational outreach
  • The value of a singular mission and diverse gifts on a team

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Listen in and be inspired.

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