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Live long enough, and periods chocked full of challenges will come.

Times when we get close to our ‘tipping point’ and we turn to something…some action…or someone.

Stress begs for release and that call rarely goes unanswered.

An honest look at our habits, how we spend our time/money, and the things we take in (food, drink or other substances, people etc.) shows the means we take to get relief.

Some methods of relief bring help and healing.

Others bring harm.
What kind do you choose and use?

This episode contains audio from a video recorded in the middle of a prolonged period of tremendous loss, and grief, and uncertainty, but it was also a tremendous period of connection and intimacy with God. I share encouragements about God’s grace and goodness and three ways to release.

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The Faith Applied podcast is hosted by Nettye Johnson. This podcast supports purpose driven believers who want balance and better in their lives. Each week we’ll have truthful and transparent conversations around faith, mind, body, wellness, purpose or productivity with the intent that together we’ll learn better, and do better, so we can live better. Check out Nettye’s other offerings and services to help you at



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